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Notice: The York Region Amateur Radio Club repeater system is open for use by all amateurs. Use of the repeater system in contravention of the Canada Radiocommunication Act or is forbidden. Use the repeater system in violation of any applicable law is forbidden. The York Region Amateur Radio Club Inc. will report any material violations of regulations or laws to the appropriate authorities, including but not limited to the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, or to law enforcement. In addition, anyone found to be using the repeaters in any way that repeatedly causes discomfort or offence to other users may be suspended or permanently banned from club repeaters.


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Linked FM repeater system.

The linked FM repeater system includes one FM VHF repeater in Ballantrae (VE3YRA-V), plus UHF (VE3YRC-U) repeater in Richmond Hill. The two analogue repeaters are normally linked together to provide coverage for the entire York region and beyond.

Both the VE3YRA and VE3YRC UHF sites each use an SCom 7330 controller.

Yaesu System Fusion

The club has a Yaesu System Fusion VHF (Analogue/Digital) repeater in Aurora. This repeater is currently connected to the internet for Wires-X capability.

Node is 51844 VE3YRC-RPT

Room is 61844 VE3YRC-ROOM

The system uses a Yaesu DR-2X repeater.


The new DMR repeater is located at our Aurora site as VE3YRA-U

The repeater is a Motorola XPR 8300

It is currently not connected to the internet


The relocated D-STAR system is located at our Richmond Hill site and is VHF only at this time.

This D-STAR system uses an ID-RP2C Repeater Controller with an ID-RP2000V VHF Module.

It is currently not connected to the internet

Trailer Repeater

The York Region ARC communications trailer is also host to a repeater that is operated for use during public service events and EmComm/ARES Callouts.

The repeater is operated as VE3RCY-V when in operation using 145.250MHz and a PL of 100.0Hz.

The repeater is a Motorola MTR2000 (40 watt VHF model) with an external Advanced Computer Controls ("ACC") RC 96 controller.


IRLP and Echolink Status


YRARC offers both IRLP and Echolink capabilities through IRLP Node 2920 and Echolink VE3YRC-R, via the VE3YRA 145.350 MHz repeater.   


Instructions for using Echolink and IRLP

antenna for link to yra
Richmond Hill antennas
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