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Become a Ham

Ham radio has a lot to offer anyone interested in electronics, communications, or emergency preparedness. Becoming a ham requires you to pass a multiple choice test which takes about an hour to write. Our club will help you learn what you need to know to pass the test and get on the air with ham radio.

Upcoming Courses and Exams

The Basic amateur radio qualification permits you to operate a radio transmitter on the amateur radio bands.  There are 4 qualifications that can be earned, which are:

  • Basic Qualification: Permits operation on VHF and UHF frequencies

  • Basic Qualification with Honours: Permits operation on all amateur radio frequencies.

  • Advanced Qualification: Permits higher power levels, construction of amateur radio transmitters, and operation of unattended stations such as repeaters.

  • Morse code qualification: Provides the same additional privileges for holders of the Basic qualification as the Basic Qualification with Honours.


The Morse Code test requires sending and receiving text with minimal errors at 5 words per minute, while all the other tests are multiple choice exams. The passing grade for both the Basic and Advanced qualifications is 70%, while passing the Basic Qualification with Honours requires a minimum grade of 80%.

YRARC is offering a Basic Qualification Course starting March 18th (If you are unable to attend the first session or two, you still have time to join). Exams will be held from time to time.  There is currently no fee to write the examination and it can be attempted as many times as you like. Please use the contact information below to register for the examination to make sure there are sufficient materials available for you to take the test. You do not need to take the course from us to write the exam.

The Basic Qualification exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions while the Advanced exam has 50 multiple choice questions. These questions are drawn from a question bank which is available for viewing, download or taking practice exams on the ISED Web Site.

Contact Chris Sullivan VE3NRT for information about upcoming courses or exams or for any questions.




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