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Presidents Page

With the holiday season upon us, we mourn the recent passing of two of our members. On November 30th, we lost former electrical engineer and long-time club member Dmitri VE3UMD. Then, on the third of December, just hours after we celebrated at the club’s annual holiday party with him, Geoff VA3GS (formerly VE3KCE), the YRARC’s first chairman and a current director, died suddenly in the night. May they rest in peace.

Looking back on the year, we can be proud of our accomplishments. Club members continued to volunteer their time and communications expertise for public service work under the direction of Eric VE3EB, providing a combined 476 hours of service, not including the time spent keeping our communications trailer and other equipment in a state of readiness. 

Our ARES-affiliate Emergency Communications Team is building new capabilities and stronger relationships with our municipalities, thanks to the efforts of several members led by Mike VA3MCT, and Steve VE3UT along with David VA3DCY have done a spectacular job, with lots of help from enthusiastic members, to organize our Winter and Summer Field Days. We can be very proud of getting the #1 score in our class in Canada, and #10 in North America for Summer Field Day, and having fun while we did it!

Speaking of Steve VE3UT, our repeater network keeps on improving. We recently introduced a C4FM (Fusion) Repeater at the VE3YRC site and have been testing a DMR repeater. We hope to keep improving the system as our time and resources permit.

This year has also been special having seen more than the usual number of new and returning members. Welcome, and welcome back to you all. See you at the next meeting on January 7th.

Season’s greetings everyone.

73 Chris VE3NRT