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Presidents Page

Updated: 2020-01-26

Another Winter Field Day has come and gone at the Bales Drive facility operating on bands from 10 to 160 metres. It was great to see some of our new club members like Sandy VA3SZM making their first-ever HF contacts. Thanks to Steve VE3UT and Dave VA3DCY for organizing the event and to Mike VA3BWV and Peter VE3PBT for feeding the masses. We’ll hear more about it at the upcoming club meeting.

At January’s meeting, we recognized the contributions of many of our members in providing public service communications to good causes all over the region with certificates of appreciation. For the first time, these included members of the Barrie club, with whom we cooperated on several events in our respective regions last Summer. Eric VE3EB is working hard to plan the 2020 events and I hope that all our members consider being part of this worthwhile activity in the coming year.

Steve VE3UT chaired both the general and board meetings in February while I was visiting family in Australia, including celebrating my Aunt’s 100th birthday. My next visit won’t be in February, as we experienced heavy rain in Sydney and the edge of a Cyclone in northern New South Wales. Hopefully I’ll remember to get a CEPT permit in advance so I can take a radio. One thing I noticed was that rooftop TV antennas are still quite common there, but they now use a mix of vertical polarization for the lower frequencies and horizontal polarization for the higher ones.

Steve VE3UT, Dave VA3DCY and newly appointed director Rob VE3RQB have been investigating alternative venues for the hamfest in light of increasing costs in Markham. While the 2019 income was good, it included a refund due to the mix-up by the venue requiring a last-minute change of hall. For the time-being at least we are planning to stay at the same location, but we have some number-crunching to do before making a final decision.

Our next general meeting is Tuesday, March 3rd. I hope we’ll see you there.

73 Chris VE3NRT