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President's Page

Updated: 2023-10-17

With our meetings at the Sharon Temperance Hall back in business it's been great to see everyone in person again. The club was busy over the Summer with many public service events which have received excellent feedback from our partners in the community.

Thanks to the organizing by our new board member, Rob VE3XBI, and the assistance of Benny VE3MUU, we conducted our first basic qualification course in the late spring, and have just begun a new course with 12 students. The training has been personally very rewarding and I've had the pleasure, as a newly accredited designated examiner, of approving the certifications of 14 new hams, 2 of whom have already become advanced amateurs and welcome them to our hobby.

We are still working hard to identify the persons responsible for interfering with our enjoyment of the club's repeaters. It is disheartening to see the shameful and cowardly harassment under the cover of anonymity, and I wish to thank the club members who have been contributing their time and expertise to solving the problem.

I'd also like to thank the club members who have been putting up with this nuisance for their patience and understanding. 

Chris VE3NRT

President, York Region Amateur Radio Club

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