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Updated: 2022-12-02

The CQ WW DX CW contest is wrapped up for another year. I submitted my log with 989 QSOs last night, after experience a bit of panic not being able to find the log on my computer. I thought I did quite well, although Eugene VE3SSR reported 1600 QSOs and double my points. I hope Eugene is available for Field Day 2023! He was travelling for our 2022 effort.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming 10 metre and RAC Winter Contests. These are both phone and CW and are always fun, with the former usually netting some new countries and the latter being a great way to support ham radio in Canada. I'm always amazed by the number of participants from US and beyond.

Last month we had a first in-person meeting since March 2020. I had just returned from holiday in Australia when the pandemic was emerging, and by the end of the month we were well and truly locked down. The ability to conduct on-line meetings saved our bacon. A case of the right technology emerging at the right time. I wonder, though, if videoconferencing was not generally available if we would have emerged from our self-isolation sooner.

The easing of restrictions has also led to the return of our support for community events. We've had some great member turnout, and look forward to more for next year's season. Our EmComm team has also been busy working with Emergency Management of the Region of York to ensure our facilities in the Emergency Operations Centres are working well, and training on operations with Winlink and other technologies.

I've also had the pleasure of having QSOs with several our members operating from local parks. POTA has been a popular pastime for both activators and hunters in the club. My single attempt at activation was thwarted by high winds this year, but I'm preparing the kit for 2023 and will do some CW activations. 

Our nightly health & welfare net on VE3YRA & VE3YRC/UHF at 8:30 pm (except club meeting nights) has been a great way to keep in touch with other members and meet new people without having to leave home. If you haven't checked-in (lately) please give it a try.

There's also a simplex 6m net on 50.135 USB on Monday and Wednesday at 8PM. We'd love to see your there if your station has the capability. A 6m horizontal loop or dipole is simple to build and if you can get it 30' in the air, you'll likely be able to check into the net. 

Chris VE3NRT

President, York Region Amateur Radio Club

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