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Community Service​

Amateur radio services are an important part of emergency planning in the metro area. They help people get in touch around town and around the world, using voice communications, digital communications and even Morse Code. These services support a wide variety of communications needs for service agencies, such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army, and local government police and fire departments.


Amateur radio groups offer a large a pool of trained and certified communicators who provide their own equipment and operate on a vast pool of radio frequencies as a volunteer service to their communities. This supports many community events such as bike rides and walk-a-thons for Multiple Sclerosis, March of Dimes and more. We provide not only an important community service but also valuable training opportunities for ham radio operators.

Several years ago, with the help of an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant, the club acquired a communications trailer and outfitted it with communications equipment and emergency power. Our trailer can be deployed to support both community service and emergency communications around York Region, or to assist other nearby communities for larger events or major disasters.

Sadly in 2020, our community service activities have came to a halt along with the activities of our served agencies. Our emergency communications training continued, though, and now that we have resumed community service activities we are better than even with enthusiastic newly-trained volunteers.

To get involved or to request volunteers for an event, please contact our Public Service team.

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