Antenna Building

When it comes to getting the most enjoyment out of Amateur Radio, there is nothing more important than your antenna system. You can purchase the best ham transceiver on the planet, but if your antenna system is poor, your investment will largely go to waste.

When you think of an antenna, what sort of image appears in your mind? Do you see a gleaming steel tower, majestically supporting huge rotating antennas? That’s the vision most of us conjure. The radio tower is an ancient icon in our hobby. It symbolizes the art and mystery of radio itself.

But ham antennas come in almost every design imaginable. Some are little more than strands of finely tuned wire. Others are thorny javelins of polished metal. Some sit atop towers. Others don’t. Some look like monstrous spider webs, while others are modern-art sculptures of aluminum tubing.

Your choice of feed lines is extremely important as well, so don't forget to research into this aspect of the hobby as well.

YRARC often holds antenna build in the project classes so keep an eye on that page!

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