CLUB ACTIVITIES - Our club is very active in many activities and one of it's notable attributes is public service communications. The club provides this service to many community activities throughout the region. We also have an active Emcomm/ARES group that has established stations at various emergency operations centres in the region including the regional headquarters (seat of Regional government) in Newmarket. Field Days (both Winter and Summer)  are also a very big event for the club. Typically we operate class 5A with a GOTA station, satellite station and a  6m station as well. The York Region Hamfest held on the first Saturday in November is one of the largest in Canada and brings together hams from all over Ontario.Other annual events include the club barbeque on the first Tuesday in June and the club Christmas party on the first Tuesday in December. Club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (except July and August) with a program of interest to amateur radio operators.

VE3YRA - The call sign we use for HF activities such as Field Day, Contests, and for public service communications events on VHF. Also used for the call sign of one of our 2m repeaters.

VE3YRC - The call sign used for three club repeaters, one on 2m, one on 70cm, and one on 6m.

VE3YRK - The call sign used for our two D-Star repeaters. Also used for the GOTA station during Field Day in June.

VE3RCY - The call sign used for a portable 2m repeater located in our communications trailer.