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6M and Up

Amateur privileges run well beyond the customary 80 through 10 metre bands and repeater communications on 2m and 70cm. Simplex communications on frequencies 50 MHz and higher present unique challenges and opportunities for amateurs. The 6 metre band, for instance, can take advantage of F-Layer communications like the HF hands, sporadic-E, tropospheric scatter, meteor scatter, auroral communications, trans equatorial mode, etc. all accessible through a modern HF rig and a lightweight Yagi antenna without any exceptional height requirements (mine is about 8 metres off the ground). Earth-Moon-Earth communications is also done on 6m, although it generally requires a bit more equipment.

To get started, we invite club members to join our 6 metre net which operates in the spring and early summer. Currently it is operating Wednesday nights from 8 to 8:25 pm on 50.135 USB, right after the "Six in the 6ix" net out of Toronto on 50.416 USB. If your all-mode transceiver does 6 metres a simple dipole or loop antenna will probably be enough to participate. See you there!

We also have some members like Bob VE3WY and Alex VA3ASE working other bands and modes, including moonbounce. If you're interested I'm sure they'd be happy to help you get started.

The higher frequencies are wide open for amateur use and bandwidth is almost unlimited. If you're interested in high speed data communications, video, exotic modes like rain scatter or bouncing signals off airplanes (yes, that really is a thing), then you've come to the right place.

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