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York Region

ARES York Region is NOT operational at this time.

ARES never self activates and has no request from the local municipalities or the York Region.

Health and Wellness Net is operational EVERY day at 8:30PM on VE3YRA (VHF), VE3YRC (UHF) and VE3YRC (6M), please see repeaters page for details.

Local Net during COVID-19


Date:          EVERY DAY

Location:   VE3YRA Repeater system

Time:          8:30 PM

Program:    Emergency, roll-call, then general check-in net.

Health and Wellness Net is operational EVERY day at 8:30 PM on VE3YRA (VHF), VE3YRC (UHF) and VE3YRC (6M), please see repeaters page for details.

Request for Volunteer Net Controllers - please contact Mike at

It's an opportunity to learn if you have not done this before.

Terms used during NET Operations.

Acknowledge - Let me know that you have received and understood this message
Affirmative - Yes, or Permission Granted.
Break - Indicate separation between portions of a message or,
    I wish to use the frequency for priority traffic

Break Break - I wish to use the frequency for a real emergency (Mayday preferred)
Confirm - My version is ... is that correct?
Contact - I heard a station on the net and wish to address him (net control provides permission)
Correction - An error has been made in this transmission or message. The correct version is.
Go ahead - Proceed with your message or transmission
How do you read? - I say again or say again, for repeating a message or asking for a retransmission
Negative - No, or permission no granted, not correct or I do not agree
Over - My transmission has ended and I expect a response.
Out - My transmission has ended and I do not expect a response.
Readback - Repeat this message back to me exactly as received after I have given OVER
Recheck - Asking net control to get back into the net for unfinished business
Roger - I have received this transmission (or RAC says "this is correct" but in aviation you don't use it that way).
That is correct - That is correct 
Verify - Check text with originator and send correct version.
Wilco - Your instructions have been received and will be complied with

Nightly Check-Ins Current Month 2020
Nightly Check-Ins August 2020
Nightly Check-Ins July 2020
Nightly Check-Ins June 2020
Nightly Check-Ins April 2020

Local York Region 2M SSB Net

Date:          Monday every week 

Location:   York region and surrounding area

Time:          8:00 PM

Program:   Horizontal polarization (as this is SSB) - details and frequency to be confirmed.

On Monday evenings, Chris VE3NRT will run a 2M SSB net on ???.???MHz USB

Emergency Frequencies not required at this time.

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