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Club Meetings 2022-2023

From May 2020 to October 2022 our club meetings were exclusively on-line, with the only exceptions being Field day and a club picnic. In November, we gathered once again at the Sharon Temperance Hall with the meeting being live streamed on YouTube.

The December 2022 meeting will again be online due to Hall availability, but we are expecting to resume in-person meetings with the Hall now booked through to June 2024. Future meetings will be live streamed as long as there is demand.

Nevertheless we will monitor the COVID situation and move to online-only if the situation demands, but at present we will leave the decision to individual choice.

Club Meeting Dates  2022-2023

At each meeting, except for the June Annual General Meeting, we feature a presentation or demonstration on a topic of interest to club members and guests. Anyone with an interest in the amateur radio hobby is welcome to attend.

The use of the Sharon Temperance Hall would not be possible without the kindness of the Sharon Temple National Historic Site & Museum.

The next (online) general meeting is at 7:30 on Tuesday, December 6th, 2022. Meeting details will be sent to members approximately 3 days before the meeting. Non-members should contact to request on-line access.

We are always looking for speakers on ham radio topics. Please contact us if you'd like to share your knowledge, experience or story with the club. 

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