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Repeater Updates

Investigations are underway regarding the unauthorized use of YRARC repeaters and supporting computer systems, contrary to the Radio Regulations and other laws. For repeater terms of use, see our repeater page. All legitimate users are welcome, of course.



The Repeater team


Date:          Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

Location:   In-person

Time:          7:30 PM

Program:  Immediately following the business meeting, Andy, VE3ORE, will talk about using the Nano VNA, a device which can be used for antenna analysis and more. 

If you would like to present to the club about something you find interesting in the 2023/2024 season - let us know

Note that the Health & Welfare net at 8:30pm on VE3YRA & VE3YRC/UHF will not be held that evening.

Club Members get access to the members-only area of the website.

Discord Group

Our club now has a Discord server!  Here you will find many discussions on various amateur radio topics, and it's a great place to ask questions! 


To join, follow the link below:


The Discord group is open to members and non-members. 

Google Group

If you are not ready to join the club yet, but still wish to keep up with things happening around York Region then please sign up for the google group.


To join, follow the link below:!forum/   

The Google group is open to members and non-members. Please read and observe the group code of conduct.

York Region Frequency Lists


The York Region Amateur Radio Club has defined a set of VHF and UHF channel numbers primarily for use by Public Service and EmComm.

The list tried to define a mix of repeaters and simplex frequencies to program into their radio memories so they can just say "let's meet on Channel 3", rather than having to say 145.350MHz, 103.5Hz, -600KHz shift.

Below is the list in PDF format (3 files) and .xls format with 3 tabs. If you are looking for the list to program your radio, someone may have already done the work. Just ask!

Please note: A team has been formed to review these lists based on repeaters being removed from service and new repeaters with digital technology being put in place. 

York Region EmComm Frequency List

York Region EmComm Standardized Channels

York Region EmComm Standardized Analog and Dstar Channels

York Region EmComm All lists in Excel file

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