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In Fusion
Mar 09, 2020
I only had the radio since the beginning of February I am just getting more time to use it now. I have had no real issues with the radio so far. Most of my issues have been related to me learning the ins and outs of Amateur radio and how the radio works. I use a Diamond SBB-2 antenna on a mag mount. I use it both as a mobile and a base unit. I used a number of Youtube reviews to make my decision: I had a lot of issues trying to set it up with the Yaesu ADMS-7 programming software. Once I purchased the RT-systems' ADMS-M400 it was easy to set up. There are lots of people on forums that say to give up on the Yaesu software, to just get the RT System software and be done with it. They were right. You can use the programming cable that comes with the radio for the RT system software. It is not supported by CHIRP. The radio accepts a MicroSD card, so you can program it on a computer. This makes it easier. The APRS is easy to set up on the B band. Youtube helped. I believe this radio only has one transmitter. When the APRS transmits you get a slight pause on the audio. I wish I did not have to sit on the APRS frequency so it can transmit APRS data. It would be better when it needs to transmit an APRS packet it would just temporarily switch frequency, transmit the packet and go back to whatever frequency/channel it was on Band B. I do not use the external stereo speaker plug, just the internal speaker. It is loud enough for me. They do include a stereo to mono plug for mono speaker audio should you decide not to use an external Yaesu speaker. Supposedly, you hear Band A audio on one side and Band B on the other. This radio has dual VFOs so it can get confusing which knob you need to adjust. Once I get use to it, it should be okay. Switching the modes is easy. Only Band A is digital though. Band B is FM only. I love the large colour touch screen. It is easy to see at night. Other than me getting use to how the on-screen buttons work, it should be okay too. I have not tried the cross band repeater function, Group Mode nor wires-x yet. I wish it had memory banks. they have something that can scan a range of channels you have set up. I still have to investigate. The cooling fans seem to kick in quite a bit. It may be the way I have it set up. I need to use the radio a little bit more. So far I am enjoying the radio. I do not regret purchasing it. I saw that the FTM-300DR is being released soon. It looks good, but I prefer the FTM-400XDR screen. If you have any questions or need more information please do not hesitate to send me an email and we can exchange phone numbers.


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