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May 26

Fusion room this afternoon at 4PM EST

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From: John Kruk on facebook

Admin · 4 hrs

ANNOUNCEMENT - Yaesu System Fusion Net Sunday May 26th, 2019. This will be in the CQ-AMERICA Room # 21000 and times are UTC - 20:00 Hrs (8pm), Eastern - 16:00 Hrs (4pm), Central - 15:00 Hrs (3pm), Mountain - 14:00 Hrs (2pm), and Pacific - 13:00 Hrs (1pm).

Note: The CQ-AMERICA Room (#21000) is a mixed mode room. This means analog and digital stations are able to join. Therefore, you will need to be in HRI mode and NOT PDN mode.

I received a few questions which I will discuss on the net today. Once again please note that this net is being held on a Sunday and outside my normal job duties. The net is meant to further the education about Fusion as well as provide general discussion and practice for a directed net.

For anyone with "PDN mode only go to CQ America Room # 43369

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